Parents should pay attention to their children’s shame [Introduction]Social psychology believes that shame is determined by people’s views on themselves. The baby does not have the feelings of shame and contradiction and persecution, but after two years of living with his parents, he has known that shame is closely relatedContinue Reading

Diet regimen – dinner and health Dinner and multi-dream dinners are full, causing the bloated gastrointestinal tract to oppress the surrounding organs. The intense work of insulin, liver, gallbladder, plasma, etc. after a full meal will send information to the brain, which is the activity of the cells in theContinue Reading

What food is not easy to eat on an empty stomach? First, milk and soy milk contain a large amount of protein, which is swallowed on an empty stomach. The protein will be “forced” to be consumed by heat energy, which will not play a nutritious role. The correct alternativeContinue Reading

_1 Perfection makes women tired Women are not snails, and they don’t need to carry the burden all their lives. Being tired or not tired is about being able to decompress the mind.   In terms of daily stress levels, women are more tiring than men. Especially in terms of family,Continue Reading

Oatmeal and oatmeal teach you how to choose oatmeal Oatmeal is a low-sugar, low-metabolized, high-nutrition health food. It has the effect of preventing coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and diabetes. However, which ones do you choose for the “oatmeal”, “oatmeal” and “oatmeal” products on the shelves? Below, XiaobianContinue Reading

Four fitness exercises burning belly aunt If you’ve been doing traditional sit-ups and it’s too fast, let’s face it, it won’t do anything, because it strengthens the wrong abdominal muscles. Fortunately, a fitness scientist at San Diego State University in the United States tested the ten most popular abdominal exercisesContinue Reading

_1 Three Tips for Hydrating and Beauty It is definitely a light lotion, or a moisturizing beauty liquid, and the practicality of liquid care products in this season is self-evident. If we can further study the composition of different products and cross-mix them in a timely manner, we must beContinue Reading

Eat black rice to nourish the lungs and nourish the kidneys Nowadays, it is gradually entering late autumn, and the temperature is gradually lowering. Li Yanling, deputy chief physician of the director of the Department of Nutrition, Tianjin First Affiliated Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said that traditional Chinese medicineContinue Reading