Talk more to newborn babies When speaking to a baby, the voice should be soft, preferably as face to face with the baby.   You sit, put a pillow on your lap, let your baby lie on the pillow, and talk to him face to face with a soft voice.   TheContinue Reading

OL office yoga to work easily enjoy thin White-collar workers spend almost a day sitting, sedentary makes blood circulation metabolism is not good, causing lower body edema and discomfort, most OL people have lower body obesity. Old Chinese medicine recommends a set of office yoga for OL women. Maybe youContinue Reading

Eating more loofahs has miraculous effects on women’s irregular menstruation Guide: Many women have irregular menstrual problems. Irregular menstruation includes irregular menstrual periods and cycles, abnormal menstrual flow, and physical discomfort during physiological periods. Usually pay attention to eating more loofah on the diet, to help regulate irregular menstruation. Let’sContinue Reading

Nourishing yin diet: a recipe for improving female libido Since ancient times, China has had the concept of dietary tonic and tonic. Through food supplementation, the body’s various skills can be adjusted to not only be healthy but also fundamentally change its physique. Some foods are called “spring meals”, whichContinue Reading

Yoga beautifies the spine and makes you younger “The younger your spine is, the softer it is.” Yoga can make the spine perfect, but the perfect yoga posture does not happen overnight. Professional yogis show us how to use assistive tools to easily shape the perfect yoga spine.   1. Exhale,Continue Reading

Eating oats for breakfast can improve memory A recent study by the University of Tewtz showed that what to eat for breakfast can affect student performance in the classroom. During the course of the research, the researchers stipulated that the primary school students who participated in the experiment would takeContinue Reading

How is skipping the most scientific? Jumping 200 times a minute can consume 1,300 calories of heat per hour. For many beauty-loving people, this number is more attractive than Latin dance and even spinning. And skipping ropes are so diverse and interesting that both stars and white-collar workers will enjoyContinue Reading

Raiders of baby care when it is still cold [Guide]Let’s take care of your baby to pass the cold season smoothly and enter the spring bloom!   Nursing for newborn babies 1. How much to wear for newborn babies: Keep a certain temperature in the newborn room. If there is airContinue Reading