Deep weight loss new concept One experiment: Participants: 72 volunteers. Run and walk for 30 minutes. Before and after exercise, the concentration of slimming protein in the blood to promote abnormal combustion was detected, and it was found that 86% of the slimming protein concentration increased significantly. Continue to increaseContinue Reading

Lixin Shui Tang Composition: Ginseng 10g, Astragalus 40g, Angelica 10g, Chuanxiong 10g, Yuzhu 12g, Guizhi 10g, Aconite 10g, Atractylodes 10g, Gardenia 30g, Poria 30g, Alisma 30g.   Functions: Yiqiqiangxin, Huoxuetongmai, Ziyin Anshen, Wenyang Lishui.   Indications: Chronic cardiac insufficiency “heart water syndrome”: palpitations, shortness of breath, spontaneous sweating, labor, shortness of breath,Continue Reading

Do n’t mix egg and soy milk Diet taboos are an important concept in Chinese medicine, because any food has the attributes of cold, hot, and cool, and there will be mutual effects between them. If you mix it well, you can double the effect; if you mix it wrong,Continue Reading

TCM diet therapy for dysmenorrhea Different types of physical dysmenorrhea In the medicine of the motherland, the common types of dysmenorrhea in clinical practice are broken down into the following: 1. Qi stagnation and blood stasis type work-strained office workers, or kind-hearted, worry-prone, and temper-prone women are more common. TypesContinue Reading

3 tricks to identify whether chopsticks contain carcinogens How often do chopsticks change? 3 tricks to identify whether chopsticks contain carcinogens Many people take good care of their hygiene, and daily household items are changed regularly. However, there is no concept of regular replacement of chopsticks. It is believed thatContinue Reading

12 tricks for stealing animal yoga Beginning in the 3rd century BC, the Yoga Sutra of India began to spread widely in China and the West. As a form of self-cultivation, self-cultivation and mind-building, yoga is widely accepted and welcomed. The yoga posture is an action system with strong self-regulatingContinue Reading

Top 5 Diet Misunderstandings of Daily Tonic Health products are often a variety of nutritional ingredients and medicinal concentrated products in food. It changes the function of the human body, and the “effect” will be stronger. In fact, the more “effective” food, the more careful you must be, not toContinue Reading

Seven “looks” for naked men Now more and more men are starting to choose naked exercise fitness, so what exactly makes men so passionate about naked fitness methods? Let me tell you: The seven “looks” that attract men to move naked are men. Men can see things that cannot beContinue Reading

You may be both guilty and guilty Frequently listless? You may be both guilty and guilty If you like Chinese medicine, culture, health, and health, please click on the top right corner to follow us. It’s fun here, it’s not simple. From the year to the season, when the dayContinue Reading

Save large pores and regain firmness The skin has a strong secretion of oil, which easily leads to enlarged pores. Usually, the delicate face becomes rough. How to save large pores is imminent. There are many reasons for the formation of large pores, and the strategies for dealing with differentContinue Reading