Bitter gourd steamed meatballs Bitter Melon Steamed Meat Pills Process: Steamed Bitter Melon Steamed Meat Pills: Ingredients: bitter gourd 500 g Accessories: pork (fat and thin) 500 g, egg 150 g seasoning: 15 g of ginger, 15 g of green onion, 15 g of salt, soy sauce20 grams, 25 gramsContinue Reading

Various anti-aging fitness methods for the elderly Why is that? Is it a panacea for the elderly in Group A? If there is a “magic bullet”, it is that they have consistently implemented the “anti-aging exercise prescription” formulated by Tokyo Medical University. The main points are: 1. Broadcast gymnastics. ExerciseContinue Reading

Less bathing in autumn, short-term itching “The pain is still easy to handle, the most fearful is the whole body itching. The 73-year-old Lin Laobo often tickles recently. He wakes up several times in the middle of the night. If he does not scratch it, it will be like aContinue Reading