Shanghai Jahwa (600315): Minutes of factory visits and 19-year interim report exchange meeting First, company introduction: 1. Company performance In 19H1, annual revenue increased by 7 %, operating at budget pace, and gradually striving to achieve double-digit growth goals. 19Q1 and 19Q2 revenues exceeded value-added by 5, respectively. 03%, 9.Continue Reading

Wanda Films (002739) 19th Quarterly Report Review: Focusing on long-term inflection points in the performance and estimated bottom-up stage and the elasticity of profit recovery next year 19Q3 net profit fell by 46%, mainly due to the impact of film and television performance and the gradual single screen continued toContinue Reading

CV Source (002841): The net profit performance in the third quarter of 2019 is close to the upper limit of the notice. Revenue will continue to be under pressure. Investment points: The outstanding performance of net profit is close to the upper limit of the notice, and the income continuesContinue Reading

Haitian Flavor (603288): Continuing to consolidate the advantages of performance in line with expectations This report reads: Q3 single-quarter results are in line with expectations. Large concentration of condiment space is low, the company’s leading advantages are obvious, and long-term space is expected. Although it faces cost pressure in theContinue Reading

Four fitness exercises burning belly aunt If you’ve been doing traditional sit-ups and it’s too fast, let’s face it, it won’t do anything, because it strengthens the wrong abdominal muscles. Fortunately, a fitness scientist at San Diego State University in the United States tested the ten most popular abdominal exercisesContinue Reading

Taste the inheritance culture of traditional Chinese medicine Reporter Li Chunzheng, intern Chen Xingtao, correspondent Chen Fang, and Xiao Yingyao report on photography: “Clove is the bud of lilac, is the gum of ancient times, and plays a role in removing bad breath.There are chewy cloves. “Yesterday, the Liwan DistrictContinue Reading

How is skipping the most scientific? Jumping 200 times a minute can consume 1,300 calories of heat per hour. For many beauty-loving people, this number is more attractive than Latin dance and even spinning. And skipping ropes are so diverse and interesting that both stars and white-collar workers will enjoyContinue Reading