China Animal Husbandry Co., Ltd. (600195): Q3 results continue to be gradual due to declining pig production capacity The impact of hog production capacity continued, the third quarter results continued to reorganize the company released the third quarter report of 2019, reporting and operating income29. 55 ppm, a ten-year averageContinue Reading

Focus Media (002027) 19Q3 Third Quarterly Report Review: Focus on collections, marginal changes in revenue and advertiser structure, and look forward to 2020 Olympics driving brand advertising Event: The company announced 19Q3 performance: 19Q3 single-quarter revenue 31. 89 billion, a year-on-year increase of 15. 33%; net profit attributable to motherContinue Reading

Thirteen Acts of Love for Couples There are many couples. After marriage, their feelings increase day by day, the two feelings are happy, the love is enhanced, and the flower of love is often undefeated. The reason lies in the consolidation of the couple’s relationship and the development of theContinue Reading

Eating oats for breakfast can improve memory A recent study by the University of Tewtz showed that what to eat for breakfast can affect student performance in the classroom. During the course of the research, the researchers stipulated that the primary school students who participated in the experiment would takeContinue Reading

TCM One-Minute Self-Physique Judgment Everyone’s physical condition is not the same, but they can be distinguished as a whole. The following introduces a simple and comprehensive Chinese medicine classification method, I hope to help everyone. Normal constitution: racial moisturized, rosy lips, full and full, eating and sleeping well, normal stools,Continue Reading

_1 Why do they grow into bad girls Parents who control too much desire will force their daughter to rebellious life. The significance lies in choice. Everyone is eager to make a choice for their own life. This process of continuous self-selection is the process of becoming themselves, that is,Continue Reading